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Amended Constitution of the “Massey Manawatu Students’ Badminton Club” 2018)



  1. NAME

The name of the club shall be  “Massey Manawatu Students’ Badminton Club”

(referred to as ”MMSBC”)


  2. To facilitate badminton primarily among students of Massey University, but also wider community members.  
  3. To affiliate to Badminton Manawatu and Massey University Students’ Association.
  4. To manage itself as a student lead badminton club
  5. To participate in Interclub competitions, Inter Association matches,

Championships, tournaments in NZ and overseas.

  1. To receive subscription fees from registered members
  2. To receive sport grants and donations for approved specific or general purpose in

connection with the game of badminton and to manage the same.


  2. The Annual Subscription Fees for students, and for non-students and Casual Fees can be changed at the Annual General Meeting.

b.The annual subscription fees shall be paid by all registered members of MMSBC.

  1. Student fees will remain low to the discretion of the executive
  2.  Non-student fees must match social badminton clubs in Palmerston North
  3. Casual members may pay per week
  4.  Student casuals will become a registered member for the year if they attend enough to have payed for a full membership.


  2. All badminton players shall be eligible for registration as financial members of


  1. MMSBC can create Honorary Membership but such members cannot participate

actively in the management of MMSBC or cannot hold office as a member of the

Executive or have voting rights at meetings but may be granted speaking rights at the

President’s discretion. Honorary members are exempt of paying any subscription and

visiting fees to MMSBC.



  1. Annual General Meeting

a.The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of “Massey Manawatu Students’ Badminton Club” shall take place once per year during Massey semester and on a club day.

  1. At all General Meetings of MMSBC the President shall take Chair but in his/her

absence the meeting shall nominate a registered financial member to act as

Chairperson to Chair the meeting.

  1. At an AGM or SGM the constitution should be ratified, re-signed, dated and a copy sent to MUSA.
  2. A Special General Meeting shall be convened by the President and or Secretary

within fourteen (14) days of the receipt of written requests from three (3) registered financial members of MMSBC.

  1. At all Annual General Meetings of MMSBC, quorum must be 25% of that years active members.
  2. The Standing Orders shall be First Schedule of the MUBC constitution.



Amendments to the constitution can only be carried out in the presence of

Two Thirds (2/3) of registered financial members with Two Third (2/3) majority of

those present voting in favour of the amendment.

This Constitution shall come into force on May 5th 2018.




  2. The Executive Committee Members shall consist of a PRESIDENT, a

SECRETARY, a TREASURER plus additional members to help run the club as deemed necessary by registered financial members of MMSBC at an AGM. The President will be the Chairperson of the Executive.

  1. The Executive Committees shall be held responsible for the general running of

MUBC and is responsible for the carrying out the instructions so far as possible

subject to this Constitution and by resolutions of Membership at the AGM.

c.The Executive can, where it deems necessary or upon the receipt by the President or Secretary requests for a Committee Meeting from Three (3) Executive


  1. It is the duty of the Secretary to provide at least Six (6) days notice of the time

and place of the meeting to all Executive Committee members. In an emergency the

Secretary must try to inform as many of the Executive Committee members as


  1. An Executive Committee Member can appoint registered financial members of MMSBC into special sub-committees to investigate and report on specific matters.
  2. The Executive Committee Members may from time to time organize Tournaments /

Championships (Open/Closed) in accordance to rules of Badminton Federation NZ.



a.The Executive Committee Members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting by registered financial members of MMSBC and assume office at the conclusion of the AGM in which they are elected.

  1. The Executive Committee Members shall become fully registered financial members of MMSBC and be subjected to the Annual Subscription Fees payable.


  1. DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES of the Executive Committee Members
  2. The President shall:
  3. i) be responsible for coordinating the activity of MMSBC
  4. ii) ensure that information and communication of MMSBC matters are passed on to

MUSA and Massey Recreation Officers in relations to badminton court bookings,

tournaments and MMSBC meetings.

iii) act as spokesperson for MMSBC


  1. The Secretary shall:
  2. i) be responsible for convening all meetings of MMSBC.
  3. ii) keep minutes of all MMSBC meetings and submit these minutes for acceptance at

the next meeting.

iii) inform MUSA and Recreation Officers of the Names and Contact details in

writing of elected MMSCBC Executive Committee Members within 5 working days of

their election.

  1. iv) collating and updating resources.
  2. v) checking MMSBC mail and attend / reply to MMSBC correspondence, emails, and the Facebook page regularly.


  1. The Treasurer shall:
  2. i) keep the account of MMSBC.
  3. ii) be responsible for all MMSBC financial transactions and banking.

iii) be responsible for immediately banking of subscription fees and private monies

received operated through MUSA PN office and associated bank account. A Small

Fund of Money (Kitty) of less than $50.00 may be held for communal use.

  1. iv) submit at MMSBC Annual General Meeting and Special Meeting a statement of

Income and Expenditure and present accounts of MMSBC to be audited.

  1. v) in conjunction with either the President or Secretary authorises all financial

transactions and banking issues of the MMSBC.





All capital and financial assets of MMSBC revert to MUSA upon dissolution

of the club. MMSBC shall maintain an up-to-date schedule of its assets and provide a

copy of this to MUSA Accounts Office as requested and at least annually.